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Look What Happened IMMEDIATELY After Snoop Dogg Called For Trump To Be Assassinated

This week, rapper Snoop Dogg discharged an exasperating new music video in which he reenacts killing Donald Trump. The Hill revealed that in the video, which was discharged Sunday by BADBADNOTGOOD for the remix of “Lavender,” Snoop Dogg is demonstrated shooting a comedian dressed as President Trump with a toy firearm. “This is the last call,” Snoop Dogg says as he indicates the weapon the head of Trump. A “blast”…


Juan Williams Calls Trump A Racist For Attacking Elizabeth Warren, Until A Real Native American Shuts Him Down

President Trump has been known for offending everybody who gets in his direction or affronts him first. On the off chance that that individual ever happens to be a minority, the media hops for delight. Since then they can endeavor to paint Trump as a bigot. Whenever truly, in Ivanka Trump’s words, Donald is an ‘equivalent open door guilty party’. Fox’s Juan Williams proclaimed that Trump is a supremacist for…


BREAKING: Malia Obama Kicked Out Of Dorm After Incriminating Video Surfaces

Malia Obama may have thought she was slick when she told one of her homies to “f*cking get your camera right now” before she blew rings of marijuana smoke in her dormitory’s bathroom but now she’s learning that even royal princesses have to face the music sometimes.   Malia’s little stunt is going to cost her big because Harvard President Carl Masterson says she no longer is welcome to live…


Muslim Prepares To Behead Filthy Christians, What She Sees Next Has Her Renounce Allah

A woman hated Christians so much that she decided to pledge allegiance to ISIS and behead an innocent person. However, just as the female jihadist was preparing to carry out her gruesome plans, she saw something that immediately had her entirely rejecting her beliefs. After dedicating her life to ISIS and planning to behead Christians, Rita Chaima (left) saw something that prompted her to reject Islam entirely. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube,…


WATCH: Doped Up College Kid Charges Cop With Knife, Gets Instant Brutal Justice

A shocking video has emerged out of Colorado, where a doped up college kid decided to charge a police officer with a knife. Now, the clip, which was just released by police, has gone viral after the knife-wielding punk got a brutal dose of justice. Screenshot from bodycam footage (Photo Credit: YouTube/Sam Lounsberry) According to local news source 9News, shocking bodycam footage was released on Tuesday, November 21, 2017, of an…

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