Fed-Up Queen Refuses To Attend Wedding Ceremony After Meghan’s ‘Big Secret’ Comes Out

Despite her age, Queen Elizabeth II is a very wise woman.

Meghan Markle will do anything to marry Prince Harry.

However, she forgot one secret from her past that is going to change the whole situation.

The royal family has their own rules and policies and every member has to stick to them. Especially there are certain rules when it comes to marrying a member of a royal family. As for Meghan, it was revealed that she was married and divorced. Her divorce is going to be a problem for her desperately wanted-royal fairytale wedding.

The Queen is the head of the Church of England and she thinks highly when it comes to marriage. For instance, she prevented her sister Margaret from marrying a divorced man. Even though the mainstream media is pushing the story that Harry and Meghan would do the wedding their own way, it seems that this won’t be the story.

After the story that Meghan was married for 4 years before her divorce 4 years ago, things are going to change. The first rule stated that you can’t marry a second time if your ex-spouse is still living. However, in 2002, that rule was softened. As reported by Hello Magazine, the Church of England “agreed in 2002 that divorced people could remarry in [the] church under certain circumstances, at the discretion of the priest.” This means that their wedding has to be simple.

This angered the Queen because she wants a royal and rightful wedding for her grandson, filled with every tradition. So, she can’t attend the wedding ceremony at a registry office because this is a civil marriage and not a  religious ceremony. However, she can be present at the simple Windsor Castle event will be a “church blessing, with all the trimmings of a full church service.”

Royal biographer Penny Junor stated: “Meghan is, after all, a divorcee, so it would probably be a registry office ceremony with a church blessing afterward. If it was to be in the UK, then I would guess that all senior members of the royal family would be there, but I don’t think the Queen would go to the registry office.”

Prince Charles & Camilla Parker Bowles getting the Church of England’s blessing in a wedding ceremony recognizing their civil union, at Windsor Castle, which is the exact same location the wedding service will be held for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screengrab)

It is absurd and yet confusing. Reportedly, there should be a civil ceremony at Windsor Castle in St. George’s Chapel on May 19th. There is a chance that Meghan is living with Harry because the “civil ceremony” already took place, secretly. On May 19th, the Archbishop of Canterbury will “bless their civil marriage.”

The worst problem is that the mainstream media is completely ignoring this information that changes the whole course of the story.

The only thing that came out of Meghan’s way of doing the wedding is that they offended the Queen by not doing the wedding the only and right way.

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Featured Image Source. H/T: Mad World News.

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