Joy Behar Insists Hillary Won The Election — Meghan McCain Beats Her Over The Head With The Truth [VIDEO]

Things got warmed on “The View” Tuesday when Joy Behar demanded that Hillary Clinton really won the race.

It occurred amid a board dialog about Sen. John McCain’s meeting with Esquire about Clinton’s tell-all book clarifying her misfortune in the 2016 race.

“We cherish John McCain. We do,” Whoopi Goldberg said. “He sat down for a meeting with Esquire and he might want Hillary Clinton to quiet since he says he felt it was a confuse for her to compose a book so not long after she lost and that he learned after his misfortune that the hardest activity is quite recently quiet down.”

“With all due regard to your dad and to whom I like in particular, I believe he’s wrong,” Joy Behar reacted. “I think a lady’s place is in the protection. The lady won the decision.”

Sarah Haines then contended that the optics looked terrible when Clinton didn’t win and turned out immediately discussing her misfortune.

“Yet, she did win and I won’t surrender that,” Behar interposed.

Co-have Meghan McCain unmistakably had sufficiently heard and put her liberal co-have in her place about how America chooses its leaders.

“She didn’t win,” McCain reacted.

“She won,” Behar demanded.

“In any case, we don’t choose leaders of America on the well known vote,” McCain reacted. “Does that influence you to feel great during the evening like when you’re so furious about [President Donald] Trump? Improves? Since in the event that I were you it would not improve me feel.”

“No, it doesn’t,” Behar replied.

“The discretionary school you live beyond words and I will state losing the administration is an exceptional ordeal,” McCain shared.

“I know my civics Meghan,” Behar jested.

“Since you’ve encountered losing running for president… you realize what it feels like on race night, Joy?” McCain replied. “What’s more, I’ve been there on race evenings for different hopefuls who haven’t won and it’s profoundly dismal. On decision night we implored and my dad instructed me to buck up. Also, we as a family perceived President Barack Obama as the wonder that he seemed to be. What’s more, regardless of whether you like it, President Trump is a populist marvel in a totally extraordinary manner and I think in the event that I were you and I’m a piece of the protection, I would anticipate new initiative.”

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