BRUTAL JUSTICE: Navy Veteran Shuts NFL Down When They Try to Give Him Award

Retired U.S. Navy Cmdr. Jon Wells, a disabled veteran and the executive director of Military Veterans Advocacy, has declined to accept a Peoples Health Champion award that was to have been given to him at an upcoming NFL game, making it clear he finds the league’s ongoing national anthem protests unforgivable.

“I am unable, in good conscience, to enter an NFL stadium while this discourtesy prevails,” he wrote in a letter to both the executives of Peoples Health and the New Orleans Saints.

Wells was to have received the award during the Saints’ game Sunday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at the Mercedez-Benz Superdome stadium in New Orleans, Louisiana, according to local station WDSU.

“I had hoped and prayed that the NFL would outlaw these disgraceful protests and wanted to give the commissioner and the owners a fair opportunity to do so,” he added. “Their failure to act is a slap in the face to all of those who have served in uniform. Men and women have fought and died for the flag that the players are disrespecting.”

*round of applause*

As a disabled veteran and American patriot, Wells clearly gets it.

Sadly, the same cannot be said of the New Orleans Saints, a team so despicable it even protested during a police officer’s memorial last month.

Instead of responding with even a shred of dignity and humility, the team released a statement that reeked of haughtiness.

“We will not allow Mr. Wells’ decision and subsequent media appearances to distract our players and organization from continuing to honor and support our military and veterans,” the team said, as reported by station WWL. “We, as an organization, have decided to move on from this sad and divisive discourse and focus our attention on supporting our military and veterans.”

Congratulations on smearing a disabled veteran as “divisive” …

To be fair, the team did at least thank Wells for his service.

“We respect his decision, he has that right, and we thank him for his service to our country and his past efforts on behalf of the military and veterans,” they wrote.

But if they really meant that, they would have instead apologized for their deplorable behavior and vowed to never repeat it.

As it stands, I wouldn’t be remotely surprised were the team to again protest the national anthem — and whatever else — this upcoming weekend.

It appears they’ve chosen their path — one of disrespect for America and its veterans, including retired U.S. Navy Cmdr. Jon Wells.


H/T Independent Journal Review

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