Trump Is Bringing A Big Surprise To North Korea, Sending Bold Message To Rocket Man

Throughout this week, President Donald Trump continues his visit to Asian countries. As he meets with world leaders, business owners, and strategic allies, he is sending a strong message to the rogue nation of North Korea. The United States will no longer tolerate their aggressive and reckless behavior. To back his stance, Trump has brought along a few friends, and North Korea is getting a big surprise that will send a bold message to Rocket Man.

USS Nimitz is one of three aircraft carriers that Trump is bringing to Asia, along with much, much more. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/ Commons/Zennie Abraham on Flickr)

One of the biggest issues the President has focused on during this trip is what to do with North Korea. Every major nation in the region is concerned with the Communist dictatorship. Kim Jong-un’s constant missile testing and weapons development have democratic nations like South Korea and Japan on edge. The dictator has regularly promised to destroy his neighbors and to take on America next.

It’s getting so bad, that even China is worried.

With President Trump present in Asia, allied nations can meet and make decisions regarding North Korea. Trump can see firsthand what’s going on in the region, especially in contested waters. It also means it is a prime opportunity for the United States to offer a show of strength to North Korea. Kim Jong-un and his military act aggressively, so only aggressive statements will get their attention. That’s exactly what Trump has planned.

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