Home Depot’s Founder Comes Forward, Reveals Nasty Thing Chuck And Nancy Are Doing To Hurt USA’s Middle Class

Bernie Marcus, co-founder of Home Depot, does not suffer fools. He just puts up with the liberals because it is good for business.

And he thinks eventually they will see the light – we just have to de-program them first.

He went on Breitbart radio and spoke about jobs and how important Trump’s tax plan is for the middle class.

“We created Job Creators Network for one reason and one reason only and that is exactly what the name says: to create jobs in America. More importantly, to make sure that small businesses, which really are the backbone of new jobs in America–about 75 percent of all new jobs in America are created by small businesses–and we wanted to make sure that this tax bill that comes through affects them because, after all, you are trying to create jobs,” he said.

Correct. Small business is the backbone of America and is often forgotten. Especially by the Democrats.

But they do so at their own peril because the Hispanic population, besides being Catholic and all about family, also starts small businesses in record numbers.

If they are counting on the Hispanic vote to return them to power they are going about it the wrong way. Believe that.

The Hispanic vote is actually not spoken for and the GOP’s pro-family, pro-small business platform is a natural fit for them and could easily win them over to this side of the aisle.

Marcus went on to say how tough it is dealing with the obstructionist Democrats and how dangerous their games are when it comes to taxes and the economy.

Playing petty politics with something so important is bad for the country.

How bad – before he signed off Marcus revealed the nasty thing Chuck and Nancy are doing to hurt the middle class and we all should be furious.

“I don’t understand Nancy Pelosi. I don’t understand Schumer,” he said, “They don’t want to see more people hired in America. It’s incredible to me. Nancy Pelosi thinks this is going to cost jobs. My God, in my career I’ve created thousands of jobs. Nancy Pelosi has never created a single job in her life.”

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