VIDEOS After Hillary Called Trump a Sexual Predator, WATCH The Reporter Embarrass Her on Live TV

Hillary Clinton is in a constant fight with herself after the election loss.
She can’t bear to be the loser, so she’s attacking the President on daily basis.
By this, she manipulates people into trusting her and her evil party.

She criticizes the whole Trump family for every aspect of their life. However, the American people are able to see behind her words. A lot of citizens actively expose her dark secrets. According to Subject Politics, Andrew Marr, a BBC reporter who did an interview with Hilary Clinton. Following the latest events, the reporter couldn’t wait to ask her about her friend Harvey Weinstein. He was recently accused of sexual abuse allegations. What she had to say about her friend is the perfect example of how she handles things. In every situation, she finds a way to redirect the discussion towards the President.

She praises the women that came forward and revealed his true side and agrees on Weinstein having a bad behavior. But next, she compares him to the President.“We have someone admitting to being a sexual assaulter in the Oval Office,” Hillary said. Where is her virtue? How can she say something like that when she has been married to a rapist. There are tons of reported cases against him. Once, he paid 1 million dollars to cover up a lawsuit with Paula Jones, also accused of sexual abuse. But Hilary is a part of this. Juanita Broaddrick accused Hillary of assisting in keeping the victims quiet.

Thankfully, the reporter is on the side of the country. She started asking Hilary Clinton about her husband and her support of his actions. You can hear her response in the video, it totally gives you the creeps! The President has never done something like this. He is nothing compared to these two evils who poison the country every time.

Do you hate Hillary?

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