Rep. Mia Love Just Exposed Nancy Pelosi And DNC’s Diversity Hypocrisy With Six Words That Sent Them COWERING

Haitian-American Republican Congresswoman Mia Love (R-UT) is sick and tired of the Democrats’ constant cries for ‘diversity.’ Love took aim at Democratic hypocrisy, especially from Nancy Pelosi, in a scathing interview with Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI).

Love slammed Pelosi for seeking a superficial kind of diversity:

“It’s okay for you to look a certain way.”

“But if you don’t think the same way as she does, then that’s not the kind of diversity she wants.“

“For Nancy, it’s a voting bloc. She’s more concerned about winning elections than she is winning on the policies that actually help Americans.”

Love then went on to describe how the DNC- which always claims that minorities and women are underrepresented in Congress- tried to keep her, a black woman, out of office during her 2014 race:

“They went and recruited a white, male Democrat outside of the district to take me out.”

Then she joked:

“That’ll help with the diversity issue.”


Those are the six words the DNC fears most- they are finally being called out for the hypocrites they are. Republicans value ideas and values REGARDLESS of race or ethnicity. When the Democrats rail on diversity-at-all-costs, they end up looking like fools when people of color turn against them.

When Duffy suggested her background would make the DNC more supportive of her, she brought the hammer down:

“Well certainly not the [Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee], because I think that it’s a narrative that they don’t like.”

“You know, I’ve realized that it’s something that they’ll do everything they can to fight against, and I think it’s because it scares them.“

A black woman republican politician certainly would scare the DNC considering race-baiting and identity politics are some of their favorite vote-winning tactics. It’s so great to see conservative congressmen and women of color speaking out against Nancy Pelosi’s hypocrisy and showing the DNC’s true colors.

(h/t Washington Examiner)

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