BREAKING:Clinton Lawyer Just Caught Out In Big Fat Lie That Democrats Are Going To HATE

Well, this is awkward. The Washington Post just reported on Tuesday that the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC funded the salacious Trump dossier produced by Fusion GPS that came out last winter.

But here’s where it gets really interesting- Clinton campaign lawyer Marc Elias, who interfaced between the campaign team and Fusion GPS, had previously lied about his connection with the dossier.

New York Times reporter Ken Vogel said that Elias had earlier “vigorously” denied involvement in the dossier. Check out this tweet from him:

NYT reporter Maggie Haberman corroborated Vogel’s claims, saying she too was lied to by the Democrats about Fusion GPS:

Man, you know the Democrats have gone too far when even New York Times reporters are calling them out.

The dossier, released late last year after a leak to Buzzfeed, alleged among other things that Donald Trump was videotaped bringing hookers back to a hotel in Moscow while on a business trip before becoming president.

This compromising materially supposedly would serve as blackmail that would prevent the president from doing his job. President Trump has always denied these allegations and no evidence has so far surfaced to corroborate them.

Fusion GPS was fighting hard to keep the Clinton campaign and DNC’s funds secret- but this new report blows it wide open.

The Democrats have been exposed as liars- now we have to find out what else they could be lying about. Liberty Writers will be covering all of these developments closely- so stay tuned!

(h/t Washington PostDaily Caller)

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