Melania Just Surprised An Entire Middle School And The Reason Is HEARTBREAKING

Melania Trump and Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos surprised students in Michigan with a surprise visit today — and the first lady showed up with a purpose.

Melania wants to end the heartbreaking practice of bullying across the country.

“Find a new friend,” Melania said, “and eat lunch with that new friend. Ask them what they like — what their hobbies are.” If done right, Melania claimed that everyone would finally feel included.

The First Lady has opened up about her own personal experience with bullying in the past and now she’s trying to spread the lessons she made along the way.

According to the local ABC station, Melania’s visit kicked off her “Week of Inclusion.”

Melania’s surprise visit shows why she’s becoming so popular as First Lady. Previous First Ladies’ pet projects have been divisive — like Michelle Obama’s disgusting school lunch initiative — but everyone can get behind inclusiveness.

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She deserves all the praise we can give her. She’s FANTASTIC.


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