Roseanne Just Smacked Down Lib Rob Reiner For ‘All That Russian BS’, It’s Awesome

And nowadays liberals still can pull off some surprising moves.

Recently, I must admit it caught me off guard too but a former liberal and then libertarian is highly critical of Hollywood liberals.

Roseanne Barr somehow woke up from her liberal nightmare and came into sense. She is changing for the better by seeing the real picture where liberals are not so nice in a sense. Barr who is also known for her sitcom Roseanne where she portrayed the lives of struggling everyday Americans in the Rust Belt, changed dramatically in a good way. Somehow she became a strong supporter of Republican President Donald Trump even though she bashed him in the media previously. But it’s all good because everybody deserves a second chance.

The famous actress is now in the middle of a raging battle and is facing a tough challenge going back and forth with brainwashed liberals who have power over the entertainment industry that is located in Los Angeles. Her biggest rival is the actor and widely-known as The Princess Bride director Rob Reiner.

The famous director, Reiner, is a pretty wealthy celebrity that has a lavish lifestyle in Malibu. But he is also stuck in the 70’s living like the character Meathead he once played in the sitcom All in the Family. Reiner became a member of an organization named the Committee to Investigate Russia, which is making an effort to expose Trump for his alleged connection with Russia.

Roseanne let it all out on her Twitter account about her interaction she had recently with Reiner. She stood up to Reiner and ripped him apart for his lies that he has been spreading everywhere in the media about President Trump. Barr wrote on social media, “I drank too much in NYC and saw Rob Reiner and could not help myself-I went over to him & got into a fight with him over all that Russian BS.”

i drank too much in NYC and saw Rob Reiner and could not help myself-I went over to him & got into a fight with him over all that Russian BS

i said “you’re buying fake news” he said, “I’m not going to listen to this. I’m out of here.” I said-‘u should politiely discuss opinions!’

That’s the way to do it, Roseanne. We need to stand up to every lying liberal in America. Show them how it’s done. We will take it no more. America deserves better and liberals need to stay in their lane!

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  1. Good for Roseanne!
    I knew when ever Reiner directed a movie it would be special. If he was the director, I would watch.
    I feel so sad over the situation but have lost my respect for him.

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