Rosa Parks Rolls Over In Grave After Hearing Who NFL Player Who Ran From Cops Compared Self To

Seattle Seahawks defensive end just made Rosa Parks roll over in her grave, get up, and slap some sense into him.

Let’s put this into proper perspective. Bennett ran from a bad situation in Las Vegas, and while innocent, when the cops went to try to control the situation he didn’t cooperate and ended up in a big scene.

He claimed police profiling, the cops video – the video proved the cops right – showed him getting what anyone who acted that way would deserve.

And this guy wants to replace Colin Kaepernick as the leader of the movement?

If the movement is legit, and no one saying cops are all perfect, then you need to pick a better spokesman.

Michael Bennett, in an interview with ESPN, actually compared Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones’s move to bench players who won’t respect the flag to the Dred Scott Supreme Court decision.

“It reminded me of the Dred Scott case: You’re property, so you don’t have the ability to be a person first. I think that in this generation, I think that sends the wrong message to young kids and young people all across the world that your employer doesn’t see you as a human being, they see you as a piece of property, and if that’s the case, then I don’t get it. I just don’t get why you don’t see us as human beings first.”

There is so much wrong with this I won’t even mention the inaccuracies between the Dred Scott case.

But I will say, since when do bosses see you as a human being? What liberal fantasy is this? Dear God is this the argument now?

That my boss treats me like an employee who is there to make him money and for no other reason and that is unfair?

If this is how the next generation – no matter the race, religion, or whatever – but if this is how the next generation thinks we are doomed. All of us.

The American experiment is over.

Pack it and move to China because we have no chance to out-compete them or the rest of the world if we have gotten this soft as a society.

Earth to the NFL – most people work too hard for too little play and don’t enjoy it. That’s why they call it work.

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