After Kneeling For National Anthem, Major NFL Star Just Got Kicked To The Curb

The NFL has a problem. Its players are more and more disrespectful. Major flag-kneeler Marshawn Lynch was ejected from a Raiders game against the Chiefs today after hitting an official.

Lynch fought with a referee. You can watch it in this video going viral below.

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The Chiefs and the Raiders got into a scuffle after the three Chiefs landed on Derek Carr. The Raiders’ offensive line immediately came to Carr’s defense.

Out of here! Marshawn Lynch just left the locker room upset. He left in street clothes and is heading to his car.

According to ESPN’s Kevin Seifert, Lynch is going to be hit with a big hefty fine.

“Raiders RB Marshawn Lynch could be looking at a loss of more than $100,000 for that ridiculous display. First, Lynch is subject to a minimum fine of $30,387 for making contact with an official during that melee. That he came off the bench to join the fight makes him a candidate to be suspended, as well. That would cost him a game check of $79,411.”

I guess that’s what he gets for doing this.

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