CNN’s Lemon Says Trump Is ‘Jealous’ Of Obama Because He Isn’t As ‘Classy’ And ‘Smart’ As He Is

Liberals still can’t acknowledge the way that American voters dismissed the deadweight competitor Hillary Clinton that the Democrats foisted upon us as their chosen one for a reckless political untouchable with a traditionalist motivation like Donald Trump.

Republican President Trump has been endeavoring to fix the unfortunate arrangements set up by Democrat Obama as fast as could be allowed. Some way or another, nonetheless, columnist Don Lemon of CNN does not get why President Trump would need to fix Obama’s harm and believes he’s doing it since he’s “fixated” with Obama and “envious” of him.

Said Lemon as of late amid an exchange about Trump, “Have you met individuals that review you — you can’t purchase, regardless of how much cash you have, billions of dollars, you can’t purchase class. President Obama whatever you think about his legislative issues, is an exceptionally tasteful man. He’s a brilliant man. He’s one of the kindest individuals you ever need to meet, he and his significant other are.”

He proceeded, “I’m not discussing legislative issues. Having met them and knowing them. You can’t show that. That is something you can’t instruct. I believe that is something this president is desirous about. He doesn’t have those qualities. Indeed, even with all the cash on the planet. It’s simply not there.”

Lemon and his visitors at that point additionally brought race into it, with liberal Douglas Brinkley guaranteeing that Trump “fondles by beating on Obama that he’s scoring focuses with individuals that didn’t care for the possibility of a first African-American president. It appears to me unadulterated and straightforward, and he backpedals to it on numerous occasions.” Lemon at that point said “there’s a few things you can’t instruct” and expressed about Trump, “He can never have, regardless of what amount of cash, he can’t purchase what Barack Obama has, and that is class.” Do you think CNN has like Don Lemon need to get it together on reality?

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