EVIDENCE: What This Marine Mom Said Obama Did To Families Of Fallen Soldiers PROVES Trump Was Right

President Donald Trump claimed that former President Obama didn’t call the families who had a member killed in the army.

For that, he was immediately attacked without even considering the facts.

The mainstream media attacked him and started pushing with their false accusations.

According to Liberty Writers: “Not only did Obama not call the families of many military men and women, he even went out of his way to disrespect them.”

It turns out that after Jihadi gunman Mohammed Youssef Abdulazeez killed five American soldiers in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Barack Obama didn’t even bother calling the families and sharing his condolences.

The mother of fallen Marine Skip Wells, Cathy Wells had an interview with Hannity. The conversation started by Sean Hannity asking if she heard from the president.

Source: libertywriters.com

Cathy Wells: “No.

Hannity: Does that surprise you?”

Cathy: “No.”

Hannity: “Tell us what you would say to this president. This is the Commander in Chief, statements about Ramadan, you got the White House in beautiful rainbow colors.”

Cathy Wells: “I can’t answer that, Sean. I can’t answer that.”

Furthermore, Obama even refused the requests from the Gold Start families. He was supposed to honor the demands that the families had after 30 soldiers were killed.

Karen Vaughn, the mother of Navy SEAL Aaron Vaughn who died in action in Afghanistan, gave her statements to CNN.

She stated: “When my son was killed, he was killed in the largest loss of life in the history of Naval Special Warfare, and we had 30 families at Dover Air Base waiting for our sons’ bodies to be returned from Afghanistan.

What we experienced there was… the families unanimously asked Barack Obama to not bring any media, to not make this a media event, that he was welcome to be with us but no media. And you know, he showed up with cameras, and the next day our pictures or his picture saluting the caskets of our boys was plastered over every outlet in America.”

So it turns out that this is the reason why that many Military members disliked of Barack Obama.

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