SMOKING GUN: Comey Won’t Sleep At All Tonight After His Darkest Secrets Revealed

Several news organizations, including The Daily Caller News Foundation, CNN, and USA Today, have filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit which seeks the release of ALL the memos that Comey wrote following his meetings with President Trump.

As we know, Comey intentionally caused the release of just one of his memos, after Trump fired him.  This exclusive memo, Comey says, shows that Trump asked him to stop an investigation into Mike Flynn.  Self-serving much?

Late Friday, government attorneys responded to the lawsuit, by asking the Court to block the release of the bulk of Comey’s memos.  They say releasing the memos would be “detrimental” to Mueller’s investigation into obstruction of justice and Russian interference with the 2016 election.

But they won’t say why!

They say that saying why would also be detrimental to the investigation.

Here’s a little about the lawsuit and the memos:

(Courtesy of Judicial Watch via

What?  This is not only shady, but it smells like a rat.  I, of course, do not have any idea what is contained in the rest of Comey’s memos.  I can say, it seems pretty darn self-serving for him to have only released the one.

Unlike the Libs, we Patriots just want the truth.  They love fake news, we crave real news.  If you would like to know what’s in ALL of Comey’s memos, please get this Shared right away and comment “I want truth.”

[H/T The Daily Caller]

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