The NFL Doesn’t Want People To See What’s Hidden In Corner Of This Pic… IT’LL RUIN THEM

If the NFL thought Americans would back down after the backlash against the league, they are mistaken. There are photos circulating of empty stadiums. Ouch. The NFL is going to regret the, the, the photo you are about to see going viral.

According to Breitbart, the Jets played at New England stadium on Sunday and there should have been a big crowd there.


Here’s a shot of the Jaguars kickoff. Ouch. There is literally nobody there.

You know who isn’t winning? The NFL. This was kickoff time in Jacksonville. Look at those empty seats!

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This should be pretty disastrous for them. These NFL people are going to start getting the message pretty soon that America loves it’s troops more than football. The left hates football. Why the hell is the NFL bowing down to leftist causes like BLM?

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I am going to be sitting the Super Bowl out next year. How about you? I love this country too much.


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