When College Tries To Cancel Anthem, These Patriotic Players Do Something AMAZING

The NFL is a mess. Players are disrespecting our flag and country, ratings are in the toilet, and public perception of the league is at all time lows.

But there are still good people in the game.

When college football players in Hartford, CT got word that the anthem would be cancelled, they made a move that will make Americans PROUD.

They joined their fans and sang the national anthem a capella.

The anthem was cancelled due to technical difficulties, according to Fox News. But those failures allowed these Americans to show how devoted they are to our flag.

“It was a fantastic display of unity and patriotism and gave everyone in the crowd, the teams, and hopefully those who watch the video; chills of hope for a better United States of America and happiness to see us as a society beginning to heal – despite the polarization we see among the citizens and our politicians,” player Ethan Suraci said.

So while millionaire professional athletes are kneeling, these players are SINGING.

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These Americans definitely do.

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