Jerry Falwell Jr. Just Teamed Up With Trump To TAKE DOWN McConnell And McCain With This Secret Weapon

Falwell has been one of Trump’s biggest supporters since he entered the race for POTUS.  As an evangelical Christian, he said of Trump that “a new hope” had entered the White House after Trump won.

And he’s come up with a great plan to take down both McConnell, McCain and all other “Republicans” that are, really, part of the “resistance.”  His plan is that Trump begin calling them fake Republicans.

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Trump loves to label people for what they are. You remember, “crooked Hillary,”  “little Marco,”  “lying Ted,” and the like.  It’s super smart, too, because it makes people think of them in his terms.

And we all know that McConnell and McCain are part of the swamp Trump is draining.  They are obstructionists in his own party.

In an interview with Hannity on Fox News, Falwell said this: “Because that’s what those people you just named are.” “They’re not really Republicans.”  “We don’t really have a majority in the Senate, and I think that would be a good term for him to start using.”

Ain’t that the truth, ya’ll?  If we truly had a majority, then Trump’s ideas and the things we voted for him to do would get through pretty easily. But, no, there’s obstruction within his own party, fighting against him. Which means they are fighting against the American people who voted him in as POTUS, right?

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