BREAKING: FBI Finally Finds Motive For Vegas Shooting And Its Not What ANYONE Expected

An FBI insider has revealed to LLOD correspondent in Washington, Cynthia Luwhoe, that the Vegas division has found concrete evidence of what Scott Paddock, 64, had going on in his head when he fired thousands of rounds into a crowd of people.

Some have speculated that he may be involved with ISIS or perhaps a “lone-wolf” gunman. Some thought he was a patsy in a Soros-inspired coverup. In reality, it seems, Paddock was in search of justice for his long-time lover and friend, a man named Ron Goldman:

“The Vegas bureau has found concrete evidence that Steve Paddock was involved romantically with Ron Goldman at the time Goldman was murdered by OJ Simpson. Simpson had announced that the first thing he was going to do when he got out was take in a concert on the strip and get a shrimp cocktail. We believe that Paddock spotted OJ Simpson in the crowd and opened fire.”

Simpson, who has already admitted he was not only there but in the middle of where the bulk of the people were killed, said had he not hidden under a “really large dead white woman” that he would surely have died as well. It would appear that this senseless act of violence was even more senseless than we thought.

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