BREAKING: Stan Lee Fires Jennifer Lawrence, Says The ‘Little B*Tch’ Needs To Apologize

Liberals have been trying everything in their power to somehow blame the hurricane barreling down on Florida on President Trump.

After stupid liberal Jennifer Lawrence made a fool of herself by blaming Hurricane Irma on junk science and Trump supporters, she found out just how “influential” she actually is. She came home from Paris this morning to the news from Universal Worldwide that she will NOT be returning as the beautiful blue “Mystique” in the next chapter of X-Men movies.

Lawrence, a notorious crybaby, is said to have broken down when she heard that the decision came from Stan Lee himself, the mastermind behind the Marvel Universe. Lee told TMZ:

“That young lady needs to learn some respect. Even if you don’t agree with Trump, you still have to respect him and treat him like he’s the President. He called and asked me to fire her, so I fired her. Done.”

Mr. Lee is being criticized by the left for putting the wants and needs of “an orangutan with a bad toupee” before the needs of his fans. Harold Walowitz, one of the stars of the hit show “The Big Bang Theory,” said:

“We’re celebrities. We only need to respect each other, our fans and the environment. I won’t call that loser my president.”

We are hereby calling for a boycott of all Jennifer Lawrence movies as well as anything related to The Big Bang Theory and Harold Walowitz.

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  1. Damn…..and I love that show…….but I love my President and my Country more……So I will boycott the big bang series and have already stopped watching anything with the little twit Lawrence……

  2. THese idiots think they are soooo important they are entertainers period they come to work speak someone else words and get paid big bucks. That is not rocket science that is not medical work, that is not beneficial to anyone And we do not need you YOU NEED US you stupid morally corrupt ffilth

  3. This actors are spoiled ungrateful, they forget is thanks to the Americans people’s, id why they have money. Don’t try to lecture us, when you protect, rapeds, and pedophile, money is more important to you. That woman’s and children’s who are been sexually assault and Hollywood. Look at yourself before trying to point your finger, special when you talk about the president of the United state. The people’s choice.

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