Cowboy’s Owner Shocks USA With New Rule To Save NFL From Players Like Kaepernick

If you respect your country, flag, anthem and military you are proving what kind of good patriot are you. Due to the latest racial tensions that are hitting America, many NFL players refuse to stand during the anthem.

This is very disrespectful towards the nation because they insult the people that fought and are fighting every day so they would have the privilege to play the game they enjoy. If you want to protest do it out of the field.

Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, has issued an unequivocal statement to his players and he is not kidding at all.

USHerald informs that if anyone expects to suit up in the silver and blue this season, standing during the singing of The Star Spangled Banner is expected. Jones sees it as a measure of respect for the fans, as well the military and the USA.

Jerry said that NFL players should stand for the national anthem. It is a measure of respect for those who have died to protect our freedoms and our way of life.

Last season, San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, suddenly “discovered” he felt discriminated against and persecuted as a black man, and decided to show his anger by taking a knee during the traditional playing of the anthem before games.

Kaepernick was released by the 49ers and is now a free agent with only weeks to go before the season begins.

That the QB, abandoned by his birth parents and raised by a white family who nurtured his athletic ability as a child and has played for the NFL for millions of dollars, sees himself as a victim went beyond laughable to many longtime NFL fans.

After a season that saw viewership of NFL games plummet, with Monday Night Football down 24% from the previous year, Sunday Night Football down 19% and Thursday night down 18%, Sports Illustrated surveyed football fans about their decision to turn off the sport they love.

One reader according to USHerald acknowledged that while Kaepernick had a right to express himself, “he (and the league, and the owners and coaches who support him) need to understand their disrespect of the flag, the country and the thousands who have died to give him the right to express himself is producing some serious consequences for them.”

Another responded, “Until Kap started showing his utter disrespect I was watching two to four NFL games per week. Now I watch none,” another summed it up concisely.

“For the previous 18 years, the face of the league was Peyton Manning. Now it is a guy who doesn’t stand for the national anthem,” enough said.

Jones’s Dallas Cowboys will face off against the Arizona Cardinals in Canton, Ohio, site of the National Football League Hall of Fame, on August 3.

The owner is totally right. You cannot disrespect your country on that way. More owners and coaches should speak up and follow him. If players want to protest they should do it on their own time, away from the stadium. On the stadium, you will stand up and you will pay respect for those who risk their life for you.

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  1. Jerry Jones flips flops just like a pathetic lying politician! He will say anything to keep his job and money. Too little too late, Jerry! You kneeled with the rest of your players, before the anthem, so that shows you are standing with all the other gutter scum, no matter how you try to LIE and pass it off as something else, We, the People, who are Patriots, saw it as disgusting! Piss on you and your players! Piss on the NFL, Communist Football! If your overpaid, pampered Niglets don’t like our Nation and what it stands for, they are more than welcome to leave. And that includes you, Jerry!

    1. I thought he would be the one to have guts and stand up but he is a piece of crap just like the rest. He can go to hell, trying to back pedal now that he is seeing the backlash and it may cost him a little money. Cowboy’s ARE NOT America’s team. Sounded good up until Monday night. I hope the NFL folds, they are nothing but a bunch of racists who have utter contempt and hatred for the average American.

    2. I was certainly surprised to hear about that. I don’t watch it anymore sadly enough, but I’m not putting up with it. You know what they all can do as far as I’m concerned. The NBA is out for me as well so it’s Hockey and Baseball and NASCAR

  2. What’s the matter Jerry, do you see your NFL Future falling down to the ground as we speak? I can imagine there is someone further up threatening that your bank account is going to take a hit if you can’t give a good dose of CPR to this issue.

  3. I USED to have respect for him but not anymore. He is nothing but a coward. Bowed down to pressure. I definitely will NOT be moving to Texas. Either side buddy. You cannot keep jumping fences. STAND YOUR GROUND

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