Shocking News !! Donald Trump bans Coca Cola for America !!! “1000 $ punishment you use it , i make this for America. Here is why !” -said Trump


You drink it to quench your thirst, or to feel refreshed on a hot day. Maybe it perks you up when you are catching up with friends or lazing around. But did you ever think that Coca-Cola could be used for anything other than drinking?

It has probably never occurred to you that your favourite cola brand could be used for some heavy duty cleaning or for repelling disgusting bugs around your home! Well, you read it right. Coca-Cola can be used for all the above as well as for some other things too. If you want to arm yourself with some practical uses of this famous beverage other than drinking, then read on and prepare to be impressed.

Bugs can be irritating and if you are looking for ways to get rid of all the bugs in the vicinity of your home or in your garden, then all you need to do is to keep a few opened cans of Coca-Cola in your garden or near the window. These will act as a magnet for bugs.

Once the bugs are near the cans, take your chance and catch them for good.


Cleaning a dirty toilet is arguably the dreariest of tasks to do at home and to be sincere; no one actually wants to do it. If it is your turn to clean the toilet today, then turn to no one but your bubbly partner Coca-Cola to do some heavy duty cleaning.

All you need to do to get a sparkling clean toilet is to pour the drink into the pot and wait for an hour. Ensure that no one else flushes the toilet while the cola is in the pot. Once the wait is over, scrub the pot and flush. Voila! Now you have got yourself a sparkling and fresh toilet!


Worry not if you have accidently blackened some of your pots. Just get your hands on Coca-Cola and pour some of the wonder fizz into the dishwasher.

Do not start the dishwasher yet. Rather, let the fizzy drink sit in the dishwasher for a few minutes and let the chemicals in the drink fight the grime and loosen it.  Once the cola has acted on the grime, it will be easier for you to scrub it out and your pots will be clean and shiny

Coca-Cola also serves as an excellent fabric stain remover. So if you have some stained clothes, especially with grease stains and blood stains, then take them out and watch Coca-Cola work its magic on the stains.

Do refrain from using Coca-Cola to remove stains from light coloured fabrics, however. Since cola is dark in colour, it will have the opposite effect on light-hued clothes.

The next surprising use for Coca-Cola is tile-cleaning. Open a can of Coca-Cola and pour a little of it over the tiles you need to clean, and leave it there for a couple of minutes.

Once the tiles are adequately soaked with Coca Cola, use a brush, sponge, or cloth to clean the tiles. You will have to use very little effort but the result will leave you impressed when the tiles appear as good as new.


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