Melania Was Just Caught Doing The UNTHINKABLE With Justin Trudeau Yesterday In Canada

Yesterday was Melania Trump’s first ever official trip alone as the First Lady to the Invictus Games in Canada. While she was there she did something UNTHINKABLE with Justin Trudeau and several other world leaders.

We all knew that Melania Trump is hard working, classy, intelligent, and beautiful. Thanks to that amazing trip, Melania just added one more that nobody would have thought: Diplomatic.

That’s right. In her short time at the games, First Lady Melania managed to woo tons of world leaders including Prince Harry of England and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Trudeau seemed particularly taken by the First Lady, going in for a kiss instead of a hug even with his wife and daughter watching! Well, I’m sure it was all in the spirit of unity between the US and Canada.


The important thing here is that Melania showed that she is more than capable of helping promote and represent our great nation while her husband is hard at work dealing with the likes of Kim Jong Un and Iran.

If y’all are as proud of Melania Trump as we are for her amazing display at the Invictus Games today, then show her by spreading this everywhere and leaving a “Thank You” for the First Lady.


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