Onlookers SHOCKED At What Was Just Seen At Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Resort & Immediately Snap Pic

President Donald Trump’s Florida resort property affectionately referred to as his “Winter White House,” became a target for over-eager liberals who were ecstatic about it being directly in Hurricane Irma’s path. Before a natural disaster could get to it, they did, and now that the story has settled and people returned to south Florida, onlookers were shocked at what was just spotted at Mar-a-Lago three days later.

The president has spent a good amount of time during his presidency working at his spectacular resort after becoming the Commander-in-Chief. The pristine, multi million dollar property became the center of liberals’ attention for a different reason and they weren’t alone – Islamic terrorists have also found a disturbing opportunity ahead of the disaster.

Now after the dust has settled in Palm Beach where the property is located, stunned onlookers snapped a picture of the incredible scene they saw outside Mar-a-Lago.

Liberals were so eager to see Trump’s prized property get completely destroyed that the Washington Post held a hurricane watch around the clock on Mar-a-Lago. This wasn’t to sympathize with him when Irma hit, it was to celebrate the destruction and watch it in real time. However, they were in for a big disappointment after seeing the surprise Trump had hidden at the resort which they’re now seeing for the first time.

The anti-Trump people at the Post weren’t the only ones holding a hurricane party, they were in the company of terrorists who were as excited as they were for Irma to rip through Mar-a-Lago. This says a lot about the mindset of these liberals who assimilate with terrorists in deranged celebration of destruction.

While Irma certainly tore through the president’s prized property, the hurricane was no match to the construction the Commander-in-Chief built his resort with. Despite the expectation that the property would suffer mass destruction, onlookers were stunned to see that it was relatively unscathed in the aftermath, much to the left and terrorists’ disappointment.

“President Trump‘s private Palm Beach club, Mar-a-Lago, was evacuated on Friday ahead of Hurricane Irma,” People reported. “Now that the storm has moved out of south Florida, the staff is taking stock of damage to the winter White House.”

“The Trump Organization is ‘still assessing’ damage to the property, according to a spokesperson ‘Our teams in both Florida and St. Martin were very well prepared and we are proud of their efforts on the ground,’ the representative told ABC News on Monday. ‘We are currently still assessing the situation at the properties that were in the storm’s path and at this time we continue to send our thoughts and prayers to all of the victims,’” the report added.

Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, FL

Despite all the anticipation of total annihilation of Trump’s property, all these liberals and ISIS supporters were upset that their chance to get to him this way wasn’t met. They should get used to that losing feeling, especially after using such hateful rhetoric to wish harm upon Trump and his pricey real estate.

According to what the terrorism watch site Memri reported before the storm, “Pro-ISIS users on social media are eagerly awaiting the destruction that Hurricane Irma is likely to cause.”

“May Allah drown the enemies of Islam and force them into their knees subdued, and humiliated, defeated, and scattered!” one social media user commented on a pro-ISIS Facebook page. “Irma is very powerful and most destructive hurricane will hit USA in few Hours. This is Power of Allah,” another added.

Trump wasn’t stupid when he built this property in the path of potential hurricanes. It’s already withstood four major hurricanes and suffered minimal damage in each one.

According to the Daily Mail:

Strikes by four major hurricanes have done little damage to Mar-a-Lago in the 90 years since cereal heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post and her second husband, financier E.F. Hutton, built the 126-room, 62,500-square foot (5,800-square meter) mansion. It cost them $5 million – the equivalent of almost $70 million today.

The 3-acre Palm Beach estate is quite exposed to tropical weather, bisecting a narrow barrier island, flanked by the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean. But the mansion’s walls are 3-feet (1 meter) thick, anchored by steel and concrete beams embedded into coral rock.

“It’s the safest place in the world for a hurricane,” said Anthony Senecal, Trump’s longtime butler and Mar-a-Lago’s unofficial historian, in an interview with The Associated Press last year. “That house ain’t going nowhere. That house has never been seriously damaged. That construction, stop and think about it. There were 300 guys that worked on the outside of that building.”

According to neighbors near the property and maintenance workers, the extent of the damage of this category four hurricane at Mar-a-Lago was some minor roof leaks, flooding in one of the parking lots, and downed trees. However, the building appears to have avoided any major structural damage.

If that doesn’t prove Trump has the right people on his side, nothing does. Share to spread the good news and show every hater who wished destruction on Trump that he has won once again!

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