Geraldo Crushes MSNBC’s Joy Reid For Insulting President Trump’s $1 Million Donation To Harvey Victims

President Trump donated $1 million of his own money to a Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund. However, according to MSNBC’s Joy Reid, his act of generosity isn’t enough. “You may recall the first visit was something of a bust,” started Reid.

“He went to a part of the state that wasn’t flooded and held an impromptu rally where he bragged about the size of his crowd, touted the FEMA chief’s level of TV fame and seemingly even marveled at the magnitude of the storm while stopping just shy of congratulating himself and Texas officials on doing a heck of a job,” said Reid.

“His million-dollar pledge is also dwarfed by the efforts of celebrities like Beyonce and J.J. Watt, who have launched their own fund-raising campaigns with Watt raising $16 million and counting,” said Reid. Fox’s Geraldo Rivera did not like this kind of talk one bit.

“I was very dismayed that people are looking at his generosity and his compassion so skeptically. There has been some questions in the past on whether he timely, in a timely fashion honored his commitments. He always gets around to it. In this case, I certainly take him and Melania at their word,” said Geraldo.

“I’m glad they went to Texas, I’m glad they’re going back to Texas. And the fact that he’s pledging a million bucks, just congratulate him for his compassion rather than view something, an act of such kindness with a slanted view,” said Geraldo. Check out the video below.


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