BREAKING: Sasha Obama Removed From School In Handcuffs

Sasha Obama was seen being escorted out of her exclusive DC-area school in a manner that is befitting members of that family on Wednesday.

Details are scarce, but witnesses say that two police officers walked into the school with a K-9, the dog was seen sniffing around Sasha’s locker, and she was later met by “multiple uniformed cops” in the middle of her 11th Century History class.

“They told Sasha to stand up and cuffed her then walked her out of the classroom,” one student told Breitbart News. Other students weighed in, claiming that she had drugs in her locker.

The D.C. Sheriff’s office refuses to release any information, noting that Sasha is a minor and they can not provide any information.

A visibly angry Barack Obama was seen picking his daughter up from the police station about an hour after she was arrested.


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