BREAKING: Michelle Obama Files For Divorce After Pics Of Barack’s Pregnant Lover Go Public (PICTURES)

According to her lawyer, Alan Dershowitz, Michelle Obama has filed for divorce on the grounds of infidelity. Shortly after reports came out of her husband’s affair, Mrs. Obama took Sasha and left DC to go stay in the family mansion in Chicago. When she saw the picture of the woman who was about to ruin her marriage and bring her husband’s third child into the world, she immediately called for backup.

“Michelle is very distraught. She’s concerned about the legacy her husband is destroying along with their marriage. The American people alresady had a great distrust for the family, now she’s worried she’ll never get her chance to run for office. He took all of that away and we’ll have to make sure he pays for it.”


You can’t really blame her. The girl is very young and will require much of his attention. There’s no date yet, but estimates say she is 6-7 weeks pregnant.

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  1. all his hating of white side of himself hahaha shows what a liar cheate fraud he is . third c hild the girls ae not his I thought thy wee adopted who had them????????????more democaratic scandle not a day goes by and there us another .

  2. If, if this is true it’ll probably never the reach the light of day! Obama and the Democrats are excellent at covering up stuff! Witness William Jefferson Clinton… There is so much that he has gotten away with and he’s still an icon in the Democratic Party!

  3. Well, he was a total failure as a phony president, and can’t do anything to succeed at anything ! A total loser !!! Now, maybe Michelle ( Michael ) will give the American people the satisfaction of telling us he was NEVER eligible to be president in the first place ! The phony birth certificate and all !

  4. You idiots will call for anything… yes I said idiots. I have a bridge for sale cheap….lol….. I’d tell you, you’ve been punked but you’re to stupid to know what that is.

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