Bernie Sanders Slams Trump for Pardoning Joe Arpaio, Then NYT Gives Him Reminder About His Wife

A New York Times reporter provided a different perspective after Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) criticized President Trump for pardoning former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio last week.

Sanders accused Trump of standing “on the side of racism and discrimination” with his pardon:

The Times’s Maggie Haberman noted Sanders’s wife had once toured Arpaio’s tent jail with the former sheriff:

Haberman attempted to clarify her tweet in response to her angry followers, saying she was not trying to make a false impression of Sanders and was unable to tweet out her full thoughts in 140 characters.

Adding: “It was an interesting moment in time and the tweet from Sanders, possible candidate, was a reminder of it.”

Haberman also retweeted The Washington Post’s Dave Weigel, who gave an explanation of what he believed she meant:


After that didn’t seem to help to quell the anger over her tweet, Haberman apologized to her followers.

First tweet was poorly phrased, I realized, and I RTed @daveweigel to make clear precisely what I was referring to,” she wrote, adding, “But in no way was I trying to suggest J Sanders was aligned with Arpaio. I was trying 2 point 2 their confrontation.”

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