Sessions Just Busted Obama’s $400,000 Crime!

Barack Obama was caught in so many scandals, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions is ready to bring out his dirt. The former president is concerned about the fact that Sessions may unveil his deepest secrets. However, Americans deserve to know the truth, and we all hope that justice will find its way out.

Obama had enough time to create a network, but Sessions will expose him. This time he busted Obama’s plan to steal money from innocent workers.

Hector Martinez, 53, was employed at the National Labor Relations Board. He was handling payouts to victims of discrimination. But, Martinez did a big mistake, and his fraud was unveiled. He created fake plaintiffs with the help of real cases. He also used social security numbers of Americans, and laundered over $400,000. Guess where did all the money go… Yes, Martinez transferred the money into his personal account.

Authorities found that Martinez harmed nine employees and recipients.

But, we didn’t hear anything about this incident. Well, liberal outlets will never release a story to harm Barack Obama. He is their idol, and they won’t do anything to harm his reputation. We can only imagine the number of Obama supporters who did the same thing as Martinez.

“JUST IN: Sessions DOJ Secures Guilty Plea Of Hector Martinez, Obama NLRB Employee Who Stole $434,823 From The Agency — Jail Time Coming!” Newt-Trump Fan Club tweeted.

We all know that Republicans would never get away with anything like this. They’d be sent straight in jail without the opportunity to defend themselves. But, Obama’s soldiers are roaming free despite their numerous crimes.

This will soon end. President Donald Trump promised to drain the swamp, and he will imprison every Democrat who took advantage of the system. Barack Obama is out of the Oval Office, and his people should stop stealing money from innocent people. President Trump will never allow his appointees to steal money from workers. That’s why people voted for him in November 2016. America grows stronger, and no liberal will ever stop this. President Trump will make it great again, and we will help him achieve his greatest goal.

What do you think about this? Do you think President Donald Trump will be able to catch all the criminals in our country? Will Barack Obama do something to protect his moles?


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