BREAKING: Pence Heading Coups To REMOVE Trump From White House

President Donald Trump shocked everyone on Friday when he fired White House chief strategist Steve Bannon. Now, reports are coming in indicating that a coup inside the White House has been started to try and remove Trump from power, and the person leading it may shock you.The Gateway Pundit reported that the same reporters who had inside knowledge of many other White House staffers’ departures are now saying that Vice President Mike Pence is one of the driving forces behind the coup to remove Trump from office. Independent journalist Mike Cernovich revealed this on Twitter today and then went on Periscope to expose Pence’s Deep State coup.

The coup is reportedly supported by many Republicans in Congress, who have already started counting votes for impeachment.

Reporters Yashar Ali and Jack Posobiec tweeted similar messages about this as well.

This comes after Democratic Representative Zoe Lofgren presented legislation today that calls on Pence and the White House Cabinet to ask for the president’s resignation.

“Trump has exhibited an alarming pattern of behavior and speech causing concern that a mental disorder may have rendered him unfit and unable to fulfill his constitutional duties,” Lofgren wrote in the bill, going on to encourage Pence and Trump’s Cabinet “to quickly secure the services of medical and psychiatric professionals to examine the president to assist in their deliberations under the 25th Amendment to determine whether the president suffers from mental disorder or other injury that impairs his abilities and prevents him from discharging his constitutional duties.”

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